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Monday, 1 August 2011

Latest from Topshop Petites

You'd think I only shop at Topshop but seriously I don't. I've been very amazed by their petite range this year and hope AW11 collection is something you all look forward to. You can check their AW11 fashion out now, but really are we ready for winter coats and cosy boots? If you are anything like me drinking everything with at least 3 ice cubes and have found yourself owning a large fan then you are probably more concerned about buying summery clothing. Here's some I just adore.

Show off those sexy legs whilst the hot weather is still around, go on!

The belt will work well for petite women and the floral design will add a bit of femininity.

For me these look great for petites. I always felt boyish because of my height (and my lack of a chest didn't help!) but petite ladies can show off their girly side too, don't be shy!

Friday, 4 February 2011

Must Have Dresses

Today we are looking at dresses. These are great for petite women, specially if you get the right type of dress that can help add length to your legs and make you look feminine.

Miss Selfridge have this adorable dress out in their petite range. Because it's got such a lovely girlie pattern on it people will be looking at your top half and not at your legs. And with it still being a bit chilly out there's nothing wrong with a bit of sleeve to keep you covered up.
Vintage is fabulous in matter what and you can find a lovely dress from Topshop that will suit you ladies. It's got a soft colour to it with a pattern of black flowers in the form of a rather casual looking dress. With a thin belt this really is perfect for us petites!
Patterns can get the attention off your height and on to your upper half of your body and that is why we have picked this dress from Wallis. It may be dark colours used but it has some eye-catching colours that will give you the looks you always wanted.
ASOS has some great little numbers, but we are happy with this ruffled dress. Again a nice feminine touch in this that will make you look and feel fantastic. It's simply perfect!

Have the desire to go shopping now? Go on treat yourself, darlings!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Must Have Ankle Boots

Boots with a heel can really give you that extra height and also are very in at the moment. Here are some of our favourite ankle boots that can be worn in a casual way whilst out shopping.

New Look Leather Look Ankle Boots: More of a casual shoe that you can enjoy wearing with skinny jeans. You can find them in your local store or go online for just £20!
Sixtyseven Serenade Boots: A soft grey with a gentle looking fur lined clog gives which makes these look very girly as well as give you a boost in height.
Ten Heeled Chelsea Boots: These are from Miss Selfridge and currently on offer at £30. If you can walk in a slim heel then these are great for you, a lovely tan colour with a bit of detail on them.
Black Leather Multi Strap Buckle Boots: I love these boots myself, maybe I just have a thing for buckles. Another boot that is perfect for skinny jeans, but cost a bit more then the New Look ones. But I can't help myself to that fur lining!
Kilimanjaro Black Nubuck Boots: I have to admit that I do have a bit of a thing for boots with laces on them. These are expensive but look fantastic, specially in black.

Hope you like our pick of ankle boots! Go on... treat yourself this week!

Monday, 31 January 2011

The Topshop Look

I saw this lovely dress whilst window shopping. What is great about this is it'll make your legs look longer and give you a sweet feminine look. I don't know about everyone else but I don't really like showing off too much skin when it's cold out. So I added a denim crop jacket also from Topshop which is also sold in their petite range, perfect!

If you are like me and not a fan of wearing heels that show off your toes (specially in this cold weather! I'm awful in the cold) these boots are soft and give you a bit more height. Because the dress is colourful and pretty people will love at the top half and the heels shall just help give you a few more inches and all together make your legs longer and make you seem taller.

So what were the costs for this outfit?

Dress: £38
Jacket: £40
Boots: £75

Total: £158

Fashion for the Petites

Welcome fellow petites! I'm here to offer help on fashion to help make you look fantastic. I'm a twenty-four year old mother one one little boy, but even before I was a full time parent I found fashion to be a bother. I'm only five foot 2 inches tall and a size eight and most stores seem to think because I'm slim I should have super long legs. Well I got sick of having to live with long legged trousers and tops where the sleeves have been pulled up, now I'm going to find fashion that fits and suits the petite ladies of today and show you all how to look good and feel great.

Keep your eyes open, shall be updating soon enough!