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Monday, 31 January 2011

The Topshop Look

I saw this lovely dress whilst window shopping. What is great about this is it'll make your legs look longer and give you a sweet feminine look. I don't know about everyone else but I don't really like showing off too much skin when it's cold out. So I added a denim crop jacket also from Topshop which is also sold in their petite range, perfect!

If you are like me and not a fan of wearing heels that show off your toes (specially in this cold weather! I'm awful in the cold) these boots are soft and give you a bit more height. Because the dress is colourful and pretty people will love at the top half and the heels shall just help give you a few more inches and all together make your legs longer and make you seem taller.

So what were the costs for this outfit?

Dress: £38
Jacket: £40
Boots: £75

Total: £158

Fashion for the Petites

Welcome fellow petites! I'm here to offer help on fashion to help make you look fantastic. I'm a twenty-four year old mother one one little boy, but even before I was a full time parent I found fashion to be a bother. I'm only five foot 2 inches tall and a size eight and most stores seem to think because I'm slim I should have super long legs. Well I got sick of having to live with long legged trousers and tops where the sleeves have been pulled up, now I'm going to find fashion that fits and suits the petite ladies of today and show you all how to look good and feel great.

Keep your eyes open, shall be updating soon enough!