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Friday, 4 February 2011

Must Have Dresses

Today we are looking at dresses. These are great for petite women, specially if you get the right type of dress that can help add length to your legs and make you look feminine.

Miss Selfridge have this adorable dress out in their petite range. Because it's got such a lovely girlie pattern on it people will be looking at your top half and not at your legs. And with it still being a bit chilly out there's nothing wrong with a bit of sleeve to keep you covered up.
Vintage is fabulous in matter what and you can find a lovely dress from Topshop that will suit you ladies. It's got a soft colour to it with a pattern of black flowers in the form of a rather casual looking dress. With a thin belt this really is perfect for us petites!
Patterns can get the attention off your height and on to your upper half of your body and that is why we have picked this dress from Wallis. It may be dark colours used but it has some eye-catching colours that will give you the looks you always wanted.
ASOS has some great little numbers, but we are happy with this ruffled dress. Again a nice feminine touch in this that will make you look and feel fantastic. It's simply perfect!

Have the desire to go shopping now? Go on treat yourself, darlings!


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